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  • R88D1SN02HECT
  • 200 WATT
  • 200 VAC
  • R88D 1SN02H ECT1


Part # R88D-1SN02H-ECT
Manufacturer OMRON
Category Servo Products
Subcategory Servo Drive/Servo Control
  1. Additional Information
    • Servo Control Method: EtherCAT
    • Drive Supply Voltage: 230 V single phase
    • Rated Output: 0.2 kW (200 W)
    • Output Type: Digital (Relay)
    • Maximum Output Current per Point: 0.5 A @ 60?C
    • Maximum Output Current per Module: 4.0 A @ 60?C
    • Power Dissipation (Max): 3.4 W @ 26.4V DC
    • Bus Current Draw (Max): 175 mA @ 5V DC
    • Signal Delay (Resistive Load):
      • On Delay: 0.5 ms
      • Off Delay: 4.0 ms
    • Isolated Groups:
      • Group 1 (Outputs 0?15)
      • Group 2 (Outputs 16?31, internally connected to common)
    • Output Group to Backplane Isolation:
      • Verified by dielectric tests: 1200V AC for 2 seconds or 1697V DC for 2 seconds (IEC Class 2 reinforced insulation)
    • Redundancy: No
    • Short-Circuit Protection (Outputs Available): No


Disclaimer: The product is overused. Ribhu International is not an affiliate nor an authorized surplus dealer for the product?s manufacturer. The product can be from an earlier series or have date codes than what is offered directly from the manufacturer or authorized retailers. Ribhu International is not an authorized distributor of this product, so the guarantee from the original manufacturer is invalid. Although a lot of Allen-Bradley PLC products come with firmware pre-installed, Ribhu International does not guarantee that a PLC product will contain firmware or not, or if it does, if the firmware is the version you want for your application.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm



1 review for R88D-1SN02H-ECT | OMRON | 1S-SERIES

  1. Jagannath

    I lost hope on this product, i was basically searching for this everywhere but i couldnt find it. Luckily, i found it here on ribhu. Im more happy with this and the quality is unbeatable and really loved the delivery.

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