MCS- II | METERN | 6W | 500 ohms | 5VDC

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1. Overview

MCS-II intelligent speed meter has 5-digit 0.8-inch digital tube display, one current output and three relay alarm outputs and alarm indicator lights, as well as RS232/485 communication. The baud rate can be adjusted by the user. It can match NPN-OC output switch speed sensors and magnetoelectric speed sensors. In addition to detecting general speed, linear speed, and flow, it can also measure ultra-low speed and ultra-high speed. It is an intelligent speed display control instrument.

MCS-II intelligent speed meter has 10 groups of user parameters. Users can query/modify them through the operation keys on the panel or the computer. The modified and confirmed parameters can be saved for a long time.

MCS-II intelligent tachometer, the improvements of the original model are:

Measurement range: high frequency reaches 50kHz, low frequency reaches 0.001Hz;

Measurement error: less than 0.01%;

Dynamic characteristics: minimum sampling time is 20mS;

Communication rate: 4800bps, 9600bps, 57600bps, 115200bps, user selectable;

Acquisition software: There are a variety of host computer software that can be used in conjunction.

Currently widely used in measurement and control of power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, textile, papermaking and other industries.

2. Main technical characteristics

1. Power supply: 85V ~ 250V, AC, 50Hz/60Hz or 18V ~ 32V, DC

2. Power consumption: no more than 5W

3. Input signal: 0 ~ 10kHz (AC)

0 ~ 50kHz ((NPN-OC / TTL / CMOS))

4. Display range: 0.1 ~ 99999 (decimal point can be retained at any position)

5. Basic error: 0.1% (digital, sampling time 20ms ~ 100ms)

0.05% (digital, sampling time 100ms ~ 500ms)

0.01% (digital, sampling time more than 500ms)

0.2% (analog output)

6. Operating environment: temperature -20 ~ 65 ?

Relative humidity ≤85%

7. Opening size: 152×76

8. Overall dimensions: 160×80×130

9. Weight: less than 800g

The specifications are shown below:

Ordering instructions:

Basic functions of MCS-II intelligent speed meter: 5-digit 0.8-inch digital tube display, one current output and three relay outputs and alarm indicator light. Communication and power supply are determined by specifications. If there is no specification number MCS-II when ordering, the corresponding common specifications, in addition to basic functions, the power supply is 85~250V, AC, using RS485 communication;

Ordering specification example: Specification MCS-II-2-DC, in addition to basic functions, the power supply is 18~32V, DC, using RS232 communication

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