MADKT1505CA1 | PANASONIC | 100 W | 200 V |2.3 HZ

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  • MADKT1505CA1
  • AC
  • 100 W
  • 200 V
  • 2.3 HZ


Part # MADKT1505CA1
Manufacturer Panasonic
Category Servo Products
Subcategory Servo Motor Drive


  1. Industrial Automation:
    • The MADKT1505 is widely used in industrial automation systems for precise motion control. It finds applications in:
      • Conveyor Systems: Ensures smooth material transport.
      • Robotic Arms: Provides accurate positioning for assembly tasks.
      • CNC Machines: Enables precise machining operations.
  2. Factory Automation (FA):
    • In FA applications, the MADKT1505 is employed in:
      • Assembly Lines: Controls movement of products during manufacturing.
      • Packaging Machines: Ensures precise packaging and labeling.
      • Material Handling Systems: Facilitates efficient material flow.
  3. Robotics:
    • The MADKT1505 plays a crucial role in robotic applications:
      • Joint Control: Provides precise control over robot joints.
      • End-Effectors: Ensures accurate positioning of grippers, sensors, or tools.
      • Integration with Robot Controllers: Communicates seamlessly with robot control systems.


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1 review for MADKT1505CA1 | PANASONIC | 100 W | 200 V |2.3 HZ

  1. nishanth

    I’ve been using the PANASONIC MADKT1505CA1 servo drive which i bought from ribhu international. In our manufacturing line for the past six months, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. Thank you Ribhu Internationl.

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