KK86 | HIWIN | ±0.01 mm | 5 m/s²

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?According to the different precisions, there are two kinds of SKK modules: ordinary KK modules and precision KK modules, and there are precision models corresponding to ordinary KK module models

?The synchronous coupling can make the balls evenly arranged at equal intervals, the metal sound of the balls hitting each other disappears, and the sharp high-frequency sound intensity is effectively reduced.

?Tangential external circulation technology: The ball enters the reflux system along the tangential direction of the spiral path, which can reduce the impact of the ball on the reflux system, thereby improving the speed, acceleration and smoothness of the traditional external circulation, and effectively reducing the noise generated when the ball impacts the reflux system, and realizing high-speed and low-noise positioning transmission

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1 review for KK86 | HIWIN | ±0.01 mm | 5 m/s²

  1. Dhaval

    KK86 is a great buy, Excellent quality

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