CA-U3 | Keyence | Power Supply, Output: 6 A / 24 VDC, Input: 2.1 A

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  • CA-U3
  • OUTPUT / 6 AMP / 24 VDC
  • INPUT / 2.1 AMP / 100-240 VAC



Part # CA-U3
Category Power Supplies
Subcategory Power Supply


  1. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): PLCs often require reliable power sources to function properly. The CA-U3 can provide stable 24VDC power to PLCs in industrial automation systems.
  2. Distributed Control Systems (DCS): DCS systems rely on consistent power for process control and monitoring. The CA-U3 can be used as a power supply for DCS components.
  3. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs): HMIs display information and allow operators to interact with machines. The CA-U3 can power HMIs, ensuring uninterrupted communication between operators and equipment.
  4. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs): VSDs control motor speed in various applications. The CA-U3 can supply power to VSDs, enabling precise motor control.
  5. Power Supplies: The CA-U3 itself can serve as a power supply for other devices or subsystems within a larger system.
  6. Pressure Transmitters: In industrial processes, pressure transmitters require stable power to accurately measure and transmit pressure data.


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CA U35

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