Why should I buy refurbished industrial automation products?

What is refurbished products

Refurbished items are second-hand but are undergone repairs and quality checked to ensure they are of the good quality and in good working condition.The purpose of refurbishment is to bring the product to a like-new condition. Common refurbishment procedures include replacing old faulty parts and replacing damaged parts. However, during the update, any number of corrections can be made depending on the condition of the product.

What is used products

Used items are parts that have been used in an industry which may have hidden defects or wear that aren’t immediately apparent. This can lead to unexpected failures. Inspecting used components thoroughly is essential, but it’s not always fool proof. The used market can sometimes has a counterfeit or substandard components. These can compromise safety and reliability, here it comes our services. In Ribhu international we will check thoroughly the parts is in good condition and not a counterfeit one.

Difference between refurbished and used products

The main difference between ‘refurbished’ and ‘used’ products is that refurbished products have been tested and checked for proper functioning and are therefore free of defects, whereas ‘used’ products may be faulty or defective and may be a damaged product. After the defect is corrected and repaired, it is returned and sold by the manufacturer under warranty.

Benefits of Refurbished Automation Products


In a situation the whole system is builded with the obsolete automation parts, if there is a fault occurs in the single part in the system, if you change the faulty part with the new part available in the market it may not work properly as intended so you can buy a refurbished part rather than changing the whole system with new parts.


it is hard to find the obsolete automation parts in the good and unused condition on the market. Sometime it takes more lead time to searching of the obsolete automation parts.


The reliability of a refurbished product often depends on where it comes from. Certified refurbished items, which have undergone thorough testing and repairs by an refurbisher, tend to be more reliable. Look for products with certifications from reputable sources.

Cost effective

Refurbished products are more likely cost effective than the new parts.

What is obsolete parts

Obsolete automation parts refer to parts that are no longer manufactured by the manufacturer These parts have become outdated and are considered obsolete due to various reasons.

Reasons of parts getting obsolete

Discontinued by Manufacturer:

When a manufacturer stops producing a product or device, that product becomes obsolete. These may occur due to changes in technology, market requirements, or business decisions.

Technological Advancements:

As technology advances, legacy automation components may no longer meet the requirements or standards of modern systems. These are replaced by new, functional parts.

End of Life (EOL):

Some components have an expiration date. When components reach the end of their useful life, they become obsolete. Manufacturers are no longer able to support or repair such parts.

Supply Chain Issues:

Supply chain disruptions (e.g. lack of raw materials, geopolitical factors) can lead to the absence of certain components. If the search is difficult, those parts are considered obsolete.

Compatibility Issues:

As automation systems upgrade or adapt to new technologies, legacy components may no longer be compatible. Impact on maintenance and repair: For industries that rely on legacy systems, it may be difficult to find spare parts for maintenance or repair. Parts that are no longer used may require expensive rework or customization.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using refurbished products

by using refurbished automation products can drastically reduce the carbon emission impact on the environment. Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing concern globally. Since the production and disposal of electronic devices have a significant impact on the environment. By choosing refurbished electronics, you contribute to reducing e-waste. When you buy a refurbished automation product, you can prevent another device from being discarded prematurely.


At Ribhu international, we have the wide range of obsolete automation parts even in the new condition. We have well trained engineers for refurbishing the obsolete automation parts and our engineers will repair, clean, recondition the obsolete parts to the full functional working part.

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