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      1. Analog Input Channels: The “4AD” in the model number indicates that this module provides four analog input channels.

      2. Input Type: The “PT” in the model number stands for “Pt100” temperature sensor input type. This means that the module is specifically designed to interface with Pt100 resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) commonly used for temperature measurement in industrial applications.

      3. Resolution: The module typically offers a resolution of 12 bits, which provides a good level of accuracy for analog measurements.

      4. Input Range: The input range for each channel of the FX2N-4AD-PT module is usually programmable, allowing you to configure it to accept signals within a specified voltage or current range based on your application requirements.

      5. Compatibility: This module is compatible with the FX2N series PLCs, expanding their capabilities by adding analog input functionality.

      6. Application: The FX2N-4AD-PT module is commonly used in industrial automation and control systems for tasks such as temperature monitoring, process control, and analog signal acquisition.

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  1. Srinivas V

    A cost-effective solution for our automation needs.

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