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    1. Input Type: Analog voltage/current input module.
    2. Input Channels: It provides 2 analog input channels.
    3. Input Range: Supports both voltage and current input signals. The voltage input range is typically -10V to +10V, and the current input range is usually 0-20mA or 4-20mA.
    4. Resolution: The module typically has a 12-bit resolution for accurate analog signal conversion.
    5. Isolation: Offers channel-to-channel isolation and isolation from the PLC’s internal circuitry for better noise immunity.
    6. Sampling Rate: Capable of high-speed sampling to capture fast-changing analog signals.
    7. Filters: Includes programmable digital filters to reduce noise and improve signal accuracy.
    8. Diagnostic LEDs: Provides status indicators for power and communication.
    9. Communication: Communicates with the FX2N PLC via the PLC’s base unit or communication module.
    10. Power Supply: Typically powered by the PLC’s power supply.
    11. Mounting: DIN rail mountable for easy installation in control panels.
    12. Operating Temperature: Suitable for operation in industrial environments with temperatures ranging from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius.

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