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  • FH105010
  • 2 CORE BOX

FH 1050 107


Part # FH-1050-10
Category Controls & Indicators
Subcategory CPU/Control Board


    • Quality Inspection: The FH-1050-10 is commonly used for inspecting product quality on production lines. It can detect defects, measure dimensions, and verify proper assembly.
    • Identification and Sorting: It excels at identifying objects based on patterns, shapes, or codes (such as barcodes or QR codes). This capability is crucial for sorting and categorizing items.
    • Positioning and Alignment: The system ensures accurate positioning of components or products, which is essential for assembly processes.
    • Sensing and Processing: The FH-1050-10 leverages high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing algorithms. It can match or exceed human vision sensitivity.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Omron has integrated AI components into the system. These AI technologies enhance defect detection and adapt to natural process variations.
    • Communication Interfaces: The system supports various communication protocols (such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, and RS-232C) for seamless integration into existing automation networks.
    • Lighting Options: Different lighting configurations (such as ring lights, coaxial lights, and backlighting) allow optimal illumination for specific inspection tasks.
    • Lens Options: Users can choose from a variety of lenses to suit their field of view and working distance requirements.
    • Processing Speed: The FH-1050-10 processes images rapidly, ensuring real-time inspection and decision-making.

Disclaimer:?The product is overused. Ribhu International is not an affiliate nor an authorized surplus dealer for the product?s manufacturer. The product can be from an earlier series or have date codes than what is offered directly from the manufacturer or authorized retailers. Ribhu International is not an authorized distributor of this product, so the guarantee from the original manufacturer is invalid. Although a lot of Allen-Bradley PLC products come with firmware pre-installed, Ribhu International does not guarantee that a PLC product will contain firmware or not, or if it does, if the firmware is the version you want for your application.

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